Princeton University Art Museum
United States (Princeton, New Jersey)
Princeton University Art Museum
Princeton University, McCormick Hall, Princeton, NJ 08542, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Chaim SoutineFrench, 1894-1943 (Expressionist)5 artworks
Pompeo BatoniItalian, 1708-1787 (Neoclassicist)4 artworks
Albrecht DürerGerman, 1471-1528 (Northern Renaissance)3 artworks
Carle Van LooFrench, 1705-1765 (Rococo)3 artworks
Claude Oscar MonetFrench, 1840-1926 (Impressionist)3 artworks
Winslow HomerAmerican, 1836-19103 artworks
John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-1925 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Salvator RosaItalian, 1615-1673 (Baroque)2 artworks
Alphonse LegrosFrench, 1837-19112 artworks
Jean-Jacques HennerFrench, 1829-1905 (Academist)2 artworks
Theodore RobinsonAmerican, 1852-1896 (Impressionist)2 artworks

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