Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum
United States (New York City)
Top artists in the collection:

Frederic Edwin ChurchAmerican, 1826-1900 (Hudson River School)41 artworks
Fran├žois BoucherFrench, 1703-1770 (Rococo)8 artworks
Winslow HomerAmerican, 1836-1910 (Realist)4 artworks
Thomas MoranAmerican, 1837-1926 (Hudson River School)3 artworks
Louis-Gustave TaravalFrench, 1739-1794 (Neoclassicist)3 artworks
William Merritt ChaseAmerican, 1849-1916 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Charles-Michel-Ange ChalleFrench, 1718-1778 (Rococo)1 artworks
William Stanley HaseltineAmerican, 1835-1900 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Otto WagnerGerman, 1803-18611 artworks
William Henry Hunt1790-18641 artworks

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