Lambeth Palace
England (London)
Top artists in the collection:

Sir Nathaniel Dance-HollandEnglish, 1735-18113 artworks
Thomas HudsonEnglish, 1701-17793 artworks
Philip Alexius de László1869-19372 artworks
Francis Owen SalisburyEnglish, 1874-19621 artworks
Glyn Warren Philpot1884-19371 artworks
Sir Martin Archer SheeIrish, 1769-18501 artworks
Eden Upton EddisEnglish, 1812-19011 artworks
Simon Dubois1632-17081 artworks
Henry PetherEnglish, 1828-18651 artworks
Thomas Cantrell DugdaleEnglish, 1880-19521 artworks
John Richmond1809-18961 artworks

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