McManus: Dundee's Art Galleries and Museums
Scotland (Dundee)
Top artists in the collection:

Francis Campbell Bolleau (F.C.B.) CadellScottish, 1883-19375 artworks
George Henry, R.A., R.S.A., R.S.W.Scottish, 1858-19434 artworks
Alexander Hohenlohe BurrEnglish, 1837-18993 artworks
John BurrScottish, 1831-18933 artworks
James KayScottish, 1858-19422 artworks
George Morland1763-18042 artworks
Robert Walker Macbeth, R.A., R.W.S.English, 1848-19102 artworks
Patrick William AdamScottish, 1854-19292 artworks
John Singleton CopleyAmerican, 1738-18151 artworks
John McKirdy DuncanScottish, 1866-1945 (Symbolist)1 artworks
Willem MarisDutch, 1844-19101 artworks

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