Museum of the Order of St John - London
United Kingdom (London)
Museum of the Order of Saint John
St John’s Gate, Saint John Street, London EC1M 4DA, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Edward Caruna Dingli1876-19508 artworks
Luigi Galea1847-19175 artworks
David BombergEnglish, 1890-19571 artworks
Antonio DavidItalian, 1698-17501 artworks
Albert EdelfeltFinnish, 1854-19051 artworks
Sir John Lavery, R.A.Irish, 1856-19411 artworks
Rex Vicat ColeEnglish, 1870-19401 artworks
Jacopo BassanoItalian, 1510-1592 (Mannerism)1 artworks
Nora Lucy Mowbray Cundell1889-19481 artworks
Jacques CourtoisFrench, 1621-1676 (Baroque)1 artworks
Jean RaouxFrench, 1677-1734 (Rococo)1 artworks

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