Fleischer Museum
United States (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Top artists in the collection:

John Bond FranciscoAmerican, 1863-19311 artworks
William Vincent CahillAmerican, 1878-19241 artworks
Raoul de LongpreFrench, 1843-19111 artworks
William WendtGerman, 1865-19461 artworks
Joseph RaphaelAmerican, 1869-19501 artworks
John RichAmerican, 1876-19541 artworks
Edgar Alwyn PayneAmerican, 1882-19471 artworks
Colin Campbell CooperAmerican, 1856-1937 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Jack Gage StarkAmerican, 1882-19501 artworks
Elmer WachtelAmerican, 1864-1929 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Arthur RiderAmerican, 1886-19751 artworks

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