Peale Museum
United States (Baltimore, Maryland)
The museum closed in 1997. The collection was transferred to Maryland Historical Society.
Top artists in the collection:

Sarah Miriam PealeAmerican, 1800-18853 artworks
Tom ThomsonCanadian, 1877-19171 artworks
Hans Heinrich BebieSwiss, 1799-18881 artworks
André LhoteFrench, 1885-1962 (Cubist)1 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925 (Nabi)1 artworks
George GroszGerman, 1883-1959 (Bauhaus)1 artworks
William PrattEnglish, 1855-19361 artworks
Rembrandt PealeAmerican, 1778-18601 artworks
Yves TanguyFrench, 1900-1955 (Surrealist)1 artworks
André BauchantFrench, 1873-19581 artworks
Selden GileAmerican, 1877-19471 artworks

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