Greenville Museum of Art
United States (Greenville, South Carolina)
Top artists in the collection:

John Ross KeyAmerican, 1832-19201 artworks
Catherine WileyAmerican, 1879-19581 artworks
Edwin Ambrose WebsterAmerican, 1869-19351 artworks
Charles FraserAmerican, 1782-18601 artworks
Gari MelchersAmerican, 1860-19321 artworks
John Gadsby ChapmanAmerican, 1808-18891 artworks
Helen M. TurnerAmerican, 1858-19581 artworks
Martin Johnson HeadeAmerican, 1819-19041 artworks
Paul SawyierAmerican, 1865-1917 (Impressionist)1 artworks

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