Saint Louis Art Museum
United States (St. Louis, MO)
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The museum is particularly strong in paintings of the Expressionist and Die Brucke movements in Germany.

1 Fine Arts Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Max BeckmannGerman, 1884-1950 (Expressionist)37 artworks
George Caleb BinghamAmerican, 1811-18799 artworks
Auguste RodinFrench, 1840-19177 artworks
Ernst Ludwig KirchnerGerman, 1880-1938 (Die Brücke)7 artworks
Vincent van GoghDutch, 1853-1890 (Post-Impressionist)5 artworks
Pablo PicassoSpanish, 1881-1973 (Cubist)5 artworks
Hermann Max PechsteinGerman, 1881-1955 (Die Brücke)5 artworks
Edouard VuillardFrench, 1868-1940 (Nabi)5 artworks
Joseph Wright of DerbyEnglish, 1734-17974 artworks
Edgar DegasFrench, 1834-1917 (Impressionist)4 artworks
Claude Oscar MonetFrench, 1840-1926 (Impressionist)4 artworks

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