Kunstmuseum Winterthur
Switzerland (Winterthur)
Top artists in the collection:

Alice BaillySwiss, 1872-1938 (Expressionist)8 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925 (Nabi)4 artworks
Ferdinand HodlerSwiss, 1853-1918 (Symbolist)4 artworks
Adolph von MenzelGerman, 1815-1905 (Realist)3 artworks
Juan GrisSpanish, 1887-1927 (Cubist)3 artworks
Vincent van GoghDutch, 1853-1890 (Post-Impressionist)3 artworks
Pierre BonnardFrench, 1867-1947 (Nabi)3 artworks
Giovanni GiacomettiSwiss, 1868-19342 artworks
Max BeckmannGerman, 1884-1950 (Expressionist)2 artworks
Henri RousseauFrench, 1855-1910 (Expressionist)2 artworks
Alfred SisleyFrench, 1839-1899 (Impressionist)2 artworks

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