Suomen Kansallisgalleria
Also known as Finnish National Gallery and Finlands Nationalgalleri
Finland (Helsinki)
Kaivokatu 2
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Top artists in the collection:

Albert EdelfeltFinnish, 1854-190553 artworks
Eero JärnefeltFinnish, 1863-193723 artworks
Akseli Gallen-KallelaFinnish, 1865-193116 artworks
Hugo SimbergFinnish, 1873-191715 artworks
Magnus EnckellFinnish, 1870-192514 artworks
Helene SchjerfbeckFinnish, 1862-194611 artworks
Marcus CollinFinnish, 1882-196610 artworks
Ilia Efimovich RepinRussian, 1844-1930 (Peredvizhniki)10 artworks
Maria WiikFinnish, 1853-19289 artworks
Enzo BelliniItalian, 1932- ?9 artworks
Pekka HalonenFinnish, 1865-19339 artworks

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