Victoria Art Gallery
United Kingdom (Bath)
Bridge Street
Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Gertrude Crompton1874-195920 artworks
Thomas BarkerEnglish, 1769-184718 artworks
John Joseph Barker1824-190413 artworks
Helen Lavinia Cochrane1868-194612 artworks
Benjamin Barker II1776-183810 artworks
Joshua CristallEnglish, 1767-18478 artworks
Thomas Beach1738-18066 artworks
Thomas Sidney CooperEnglish, 1803-19025 artworks
Thomas Jones Barker1815-18825 artworks
Emmeline DeaneEnglish, 1858-19445 artworks
Thomas Worlidge1700-17665 artworks

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