Montclair Art Museum - Montclair, NJ
United States (Montclair, New Jersey)
Montclair Art Museum
3 South Mountain Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042, USA
Top artists in the collection:

George InnessAmerican, 1825-1894 (Hudson River School)6 artworks
Morgan RussellAmerican, 1886-19535 artworks
George Wesley BellowsAmerican, 1882-1925 (Ashcan)1 artworks
William Ballard WilliamsAmerican, 1871-19561 artworks
Edward HopperAmerican, 1882-19671 artworks
Joseph StellaAmerican, 1880-19461 artworks
Asher Brown DurandAmerican, 1796-1886 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Marsden HartleyAmerican, 1878-19431 artworks
John TwachtmanAmerican, 1853-1902 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Frederick Carl FriesekeAmerican, 1874-1939 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Raphael SoyerRussian, 1889-19871 artworks

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