Alfred East Art Gallery - Kettering (UK)
United Kingdom (Kettering)
Northamptonshire, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Alfred East1844-191318 artworks
Thomas Cooper Gotch1854-193112 artworks
Walter Bonner GashEnglish, 1869-192811 artworks
Harry DorrEnglish, 1872-19503 artworks
Albert Chevallier Tayler1862-19253 artworks
Frederick HallEnglish, 1860-19482 artworks
Charles W. Fliess1899-19562 artworks
Hubert CoopEnglish, 1872-19531 artworks
Garstin CoxEnglish, 1892-19331 artworks
Sir Stanley Spencer, R. A.English, 1891-19591 artworks
Mark Gertler1891-19391 artworks

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