The Whitworth - University of Manchester
United Kingdom (Manchester)
Oxford Rd
Manchester, Manchester, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Joseph Mallord William TurnerEnglish, 1775-1851 (Romantic)20 artworks
David CoxEnglish, 1783-18595 artworks
Laurence Lowry1887-19765 artworks
Patrick NasmythScottish, 1787-18313 artworks
Eric RaviliousEnglish, 1903-19423 artworks
Ivon HitchensEnglish, 1893-1979 (Abstract)2 artworks
John Roddam Spencer-StanhopeEnglish, 1829-1908 (Pre-Raphaelite)2 artworks
Willem van de Velde the YoungerDutch, 1633-1707 (Dutch Golden Age)2 artworks
John PiperEnglish, 1903-1992 (Abstract)2 artworks
Camille PissarroFrench, 1830-1903 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Samuel BoughEnglish, 1822-18781 artworks

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