Bury Art Museum
United Kingdom (Bury, Greater Manchester)
Bury BL9 0DR
Top artists in the collection:

Charles Sims1873-192814 artworks
Charles Haigh Wood1856-19276 artworks
Thomas Sidney CooperEnglish, 1803-19024 artworks
Edward William Cooke, R.A.English, 1811-18803 artworks
Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown, R.A.English, 1866-19553 artworks
Henry BrightEnglish, 1810-18732 artworks
Thomas Faed RA HRSAScottish, 1825-19002 artworks
Samuel BoughEnglish, 1822-18782 artworks
Richard AnsdellEnglish, 1815-18852 artworks
George Armfield1810-18932 artworks
Walter Bayes1869-19562 artworks

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