Wigan Arts and Heritage Service
United Kingdom (Wigan)
Top artists in the collection:

Elias Bancroft1846-19242 artworks
John MacWhirterScottish, 1839-19112 artworks
Edmund John NiemannEnglish, 1813-18762 artworks
Georges CroegaertBelgian, 1848-19232 artworks
John William GodwardEnglish, 1861-1922 (Academist)1 artworks
Anthony DevasEnglish, 1911-19581 artworks
Frederick GoodallEnglish, 1822-19041 artworks
James ArcherScottish, 1823-19041 artworks
Sir Luke FildesEnglish, 1843-19271 artworks
Heywood HardyEnglish, 1843-19331 artworks
George EarleEnglish, 1824-19081 artworks

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