Victoria and Albert Museum - London
United Kingdom (London)
Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road, London, Greater London SW7 2RL, UK
Top artists in the collection:

John ConstableEnglish, 1776-1837 (Romantic)44 artworks
Charles Robert Leslie1794-185922 artworks
Francois BocionSwiss, 1828-189016 artworks
William EttyEnglish, 1787-184914 artworks
Auguste RodinFrench, 1840-191714 artworks
Thomas GainsboroughEnglish, 1727-178813 artworks
William CollinsEnglish, 1788-184712 artworks
Edward William Cooke, R.A.English, 1811-188012 artworks
William Powell FrithEnglish, 1819-190912 artworks
George Frederic WattsEnglish, 1817-190411 artworks
Sir Augustus Wall Callcott R.A.English, 1779-188411 artworks

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