Teylers Museum - Haalem
Netherlands (Haalem)
Top artists in the collection:

Wybrand HendriksDutch, 1744-183118 artworks
Hendrik Jacobus ScholtenDutch, 1824-19078 artworks
Cornelis SpringerDutch, 1817-18917 artworks
Georgius Jacobus Johannes van OsDutch, 1782-18615 artworks
Jan Adam KrusemanDutch, 1804-18625 artworks
Andreas SchelfhoutDutch, 1787-18705 artworks
Julius Jacobus van de Sande BakhuyzenDutch, 1835-19254 artworks
George Pieter WestenbergDutch, 1791-18733 artworks
Jan Christiaan PoortenaarDutch, 1886-19583 artworks
Gerrit Jan MichaƫlisDutch, 1775-18573 artworks
Barend Cornelis KoekkoekDutch, 1803-18623 artworks

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