Churches - Italy
Top artists in the collection:

Palma GiovaneItalian, 1544-1628 (Mannerism)3 artworks
Fra AngelicoItalian, 1387-1455 (Early Renaissance)2 artworks
Corrado GiaquintoItalian, 1703-1766 (Rococo)2 artworks
Marco PinoItalian, 1521-1583 (Mannerism)2 artworks
Gianbettino CignaroliItalian, 1706-1770 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks
Domenico GhirlandaioItalian, 1449-1494 (Early Renaissance)1 artworks
Orazio GentileschiItalian, 1563-1639 (Baroque)1 artworks
Taddeo GaddiItalian, 1290-13661 artworks
Ivan Constantinovich AivazovskyRussian, 1817-19001 artworks

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