Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna
Also known as Bologna National Art Gallery
Italy (Bologna)
Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna
Via delle Belle Arti, 56, 40126 Bologna, Italy
Top artists in the collection:

Marcantonio FranceschiniItalian, 1648-1729 (Baroque)4 artworks
Guido ReniItalian, 1575-1642 (Baroque)4 artworks
Lavinia FontanaItalian, 1552-1614 (Mannerism)3 artworks
Annibale CarracciItalian, 1560-1609 (Baroque)2 artworks
Francesco FranciaItalian, 1450-1517 (Renaissance)2 artworks
Vitale da BolognaItalian, 1330-13612 artworks
Lodovico CarracciItalian, 1555-16192 artworks
Francesco BotticiniItalian, 1446-1497 (Early Renaissance)1 artworks
Lorenzo VenezianoItalian, 1356-13721 artworks
TitianItalian, 1488-1576 (High Renaissance)1 artworks
Francesco AlbaniItalian, 1578-1660 (Baroque)1 artworks

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