Museum of London
United Kingdom (London)
Museum of London
150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Christopher Nevinson1889-19466 artworks
Harry Bush1883-19573 artworks
Mary Edity DurhamEnglish, 1863-19443 artworks
Thomas LunyEnglish, 1759-18373 artworks
Henry PetherEnglish, 1828-18653 artworks
William James Callcott1823-19002 artworks
John Henry Frederick Bacon1868-19142 artworks
Henry Nelson ONeilEnglish, 1817-18802 artworks
Robert BevanEnglish, 1865-1925 (Post-Impressionist)2 artworks
John ColletEnglish, 1725-17802 artworks
Sir John Lavery, R.A.Irish, 1856-19412 artworks

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