Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica - Palazzo Barberini
Italy (Rome)
Via Barberini
16, 00187 Rome, Italy
Top artists in the collection:

Fra Filippo LippiItalian, 1406-1469 (Early Renaissance)6 artworks
Pompeo BatoniItalian, 1708-1787 (Neoclassicist)6 artworks
Carlo SaraceniItalian, 1579-1620 (Baroque)3 artworks
Nicolas PoussinFrench, 1594-1665 (Baroque)2 artworks
Valentin de BoulogneFrench, 1591-1632 (Baroque)2 artworks
Mattia PretiItalian, 1613-1699 (Baroque)2 artworks
CaravaggioItalian, 1571-1610 (Baroque)2 artworks
Salvator RosaItalian, 1615-1673 (Baroque)2 artworks
Gian Lorenzo BerniniItalian, 1598-1680 (Baroque)2 artworks
Quentin MetsysBelgian, 1466-1530 (Early Netherlandish)2 artworks
Annibale CarracciItalian, 1560-1609 (Baroque)2 artworks

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