American Museum of Western Art - the Anschutz Collection - Denver
United States (Denver, Colorado)
Top artists in the collection:

Ernest L. BlumenscheinAmerican, 1874-19604 artworks
E. Irving CouseAmerican, 1866-19364 artworks
Thomas MoranAmerican, 1837-1926 (Hudson River School)4 artworks
William Tylee RanneyAmerican, 1813-18574 artworks
Joseph Henry SharpAmerican, 1859-19534 artworks
Ira Diamond Gerald CassidyAmerican, 1879-19344 artworks
George CatlinAmerican, 1796-18723 artworks
Albert BierstadtAmerican, 1830-1902 (Hudson River School)3 artworks
Charles SchreyvogelAmerican, 1861-19123 artworks
Nikolai FechinRussian, 1881-19553 artworks
Victor HigginsAmerican, 1884-19493 artworks

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