Dundee Art Gallery and Museum
United Kingdom (Dundee)
Dundee City, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Sir Frank William Brangwyn1867-195610 artworks
Arthur SegalRomanian, 1875-19443 artworks
Johann Amandus WinckGerman, 1748-18172 artworks
Duncan Cameron1837-19162 artworks
Josephus Laurentius DyckmansBelgian, 1811-18882 artworks
Sir Francis Grant, P.R.A.Scottish, 1803-18781 artworks
John Haynes-Williams1836-19081 artworks
Briton RiviereEnglish, 1840-19201 artworks
Dorothea Sharp1874-19551 artworks
Sir Joseph Noel PatonEnglish, 1821-19011 artworks
Jacob Henricus MarisDutch, 1837-18991 artworks

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