Dover Museum
United Kingdom (Dover)
Top artists in the collection:

William Richard Waters1813-188014 artworks
William Burgess1805-18615 artworks
George W. Baldry1835-19294 artworks
Oswald Hornby Joseph BirleyNew Zealander, 1880-19522 artworks
Ethel Cole1892-19342 artworks
Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema1852-1909 (Academist)1 artworks
William Anderson1757-18371 artworks
Leslie Carr1891-19581 artworks
Adriaen Frans BrouwerBelgian, 1605-16381 artworks
Maurice William GreiffenhagenEnglish, 1862-19311 artworks
Edward William Cooke, R.A.English, 1811-18801 artworks

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