Science Museum
United Kingdom (London)
London SW7 2DD
Top artists in the collection:

Gilbert Daykin1886-19398 artworks
Alexander Craig1808-18786 artworks
Henry Thomas Alken1785-18513 artworks
Alexander NasmythScottish, 1758-18401 artworks
Thomas HudsonEnglish, 1701-17791 artworks
Thomas ButtersworthEnglish, 1768-18421 artworks
John Cleveley the ElderEnglish, 1712-17771 artworks
Sir Nathaniel Dance-HollandEnglish, 1735-18111 artworks
Nicholas CondyEnglish, 1793-18571 artworks
Beatrice Bright1861-19401 artworks
Sir Joshua ReynoldsEnglish, 1723-17921 artworks

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