Colchester and Ipswich Museum
United Kingdom (Colchester)
Essex, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Frank Robinson DaniellEnglish, 1866-193221 artworks
Frederick George CotmanEnglish, 1850-192012 artworks
John Frederick Herring, SrEnglish, 1795-186512 artworks
Harry Becker1865-19289 artworks
Thomas Smythe1825-19079 artworks
Henry George Todd1847-18986 artworks
Anna Airy1882-19646 artworks
Stanley Clare GraysonEnglish, 1890-19673 artworks
Edmund John NiemannEnglish, 1813-18763 artworks
Harry Hall1814-18963 artworks
Ferdinand E. Gröne1850-19203 artworks

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