Cooper Gallery - Barnsley, UK
United Kingdom (Barnsley)
Top artists in the collection:

Eugène IsabeyFrench, 1803-18867 artworks
Henry Charles Antoine BaronFrench, 1816-18853 artworks
Charles Henry Cook1830-19052 artworks
Arthur Joseph MeadowsEnglish, 1843-19072 artworks
Frederick Waters WattsEnglish, 1800-18702 artworks
David RobertsScottish, 1796-18642 artworks
Gaspard DughetFrench, 1615-1675 (Baroque)1 artworks
John LinnellEnglish, 1792-18821 artworks
Charles Théodore FrèreFrench, 1814-18881 artworks
Jean-Léon GérômeFrench, 1824-1904 (Academist)1 artworks
John Wilson CarmichaelEnglish, 1799-18681 artworks

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