Government Art Collection - UK
United Kingdom (London)

The Government Art Collection was begun in the 19th Century and is a depository for many thousands of British art works covering several centuries.  Individual works of art are loaned to the United Kingdom Government Diplomatic missions around the world and to Government offices in the UK.  These are generally on a temporary basis and can be returned to London or sent elsewhere as the need arises.  Art works loaned abroad are not always accessible as they may be housed in the private residences of ambassadors or high commissioners.  Other works will be displayed in public areas of the foreign diplomatic offices. Anyone wishing to find out where a particular work is housed, should contact  Government Art Collection in London.  The telephone number is (0044) 020 7580 9120 and email:   

Top artists in the collection:

Thomas LunyEnglish, 1759-183714 artworks
Bernard Hailstone1910-198713 artworks
William Marlow1740-1813 (Veduta)12 artworks
Duncan GrantEnglish, 1885-197812 artworks
Henry LambEnglish, 1883-1960 (Post-Impressionist)12 artworks
Walter Richard SickertGerman, 1860-1942 (Post-Impressionist)12 artworks
Sir Godfrey Kneller, BT.English, 1646-172310 artworks
Henry Bailey1848-19339 artworks
John PiperEnglish, 1903-1992 (Abstract)9 artworks
William Hoare1707-17928 artworks
Henry PetherEnglish, 1828-18658 artworks

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