Waddesdon Manor - National Trust
United Kingdom (Waddesdon)
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP18 0JH, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Sir Joshua ReynoldsEnglish, 1723-179213 artworks
Léon BakstRussian, 1866-19247 artworks
Thomas GainsboroughEnglish, 1727-17886 artworks
François BoucherFrench, 1703-1770 (Rococo)4 artworks
Philips WouwermanDutch, 1619-1668 (Dutch Golden Age)3 artworks
Aelbert CuypDutch, 1620-1691 (Dutch Golden Age)3 artworks
Jean-Frédéric SchallFrench, 1752-1825 (Rococo)3 artworks
François-Hubert DrouaisFrench, 1727-1775 (Rococo)2 artworks
Hubert RobertFrench, 1733-1808 (Veduta)2 artworks
Willem van de Velde the YoungerDutch, 1633-1707 (Dutch Golden Age)2 artworks
Thomas HudsonEnglish, 1701-17792 artworks

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