National Trust - UK
United Kingdom
Top artists in the collection:

Thomas Phillips1770-184534 artworks
James NorthcoteEnglish, 1746-183118 artworks
John WoottonEnglish, 1682-176417 artworks
Thomas LunyEnglish, 1759-183711 artworks
George HayterEnglish, 1792-18719 artworks
Thomas HickeyIrish, 1741-18246 artworks
John WeesopBelgian, 1741-18246 artworks
Francis WheatleyEnglish, 1747-18014 artworks
John Richmond1809-18963 artworks
Robert HunterIrish, 1715-18033 artworks
Frans Pourbus the YoungerBelgian, 1569-16223 artworks

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