State Literary Museum
Russian Federation (Moscow)
Petrovka Street
28, Moscow, Russia, 101000
Top artists in the collection:

Isaac LevitanRussian, 1860-1900 (Peredvizhniki)15 artworks
Boris Mikhailovich KustodievRussian, 1878-19279 artworks
Victor VasnetsovRussian, 1848-19193 artworks
Alexei StepanovRussian, 1858-1923 (Peredvizhniki)2 artworks
Sergei Ivanovich VasilkovskyRussian, 1854-19172 artworks
Ivan Nikolaevich KramskoiRussian, 1837-1887 (Peredvizhniki)2 artworks
Leonid SolomatkinRussian, 1837-18831 artworks
Feodor VasilyevRussian, 1850-18731 artworks
Alexei BogoliubovRussian, 1824-1896 (Peredvizhniki)1 artworks
Nikolai SverchkovRussian, 1817-1898 (Academist)1 artworks
Mikhail Vasilevich NesterovRussian, 1862-19421 artworks

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