Kaluga Regional Art Museum
Russian Federation (Kaluga)
Top artists in the collection:

Zinaida SerebriakovaRussian, 1884-19678 artworks
Vsevolod LevandovskyRussian, 1884-19353 artworks
Claude GuilleminetFrench, 1821-18602 artworks
Nikolai KrymovRussian, 1884-19582 artworks
Stanislav ZhukovskyRussian, 1873-19441 artworks
Nicolas LancretFrench, 1690-1743 (Rococo)1 artworks
Alexander Vladimirovich MakovskyRussian, 1869-19241 artworks
Vasili Ivanovich SurikovRussian, 1848-19161 artworks
Sergei GerasimovRussian, 1885-19641 artworks
Abraham A. ManievichRussian, 1881-19421 artworks
Martiros SaryanArmenian, 1880-19721 artworks

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