Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna - Rome
Italy (Rome)
Top artists in the collection:

Odoardo BorraniItalian, 1833-19052 artworks
Amedeo ModiglianiItalian, 1884-19202 artworks
El GrecoGreek, 1541-1614 (Mannerism)2 artworks
Giovanni BoldiniItalian, 1843-19312 artworks
Telemaco SignoriniItalian, 1835-19012 artworks
Vincent van GoghDutch, 1853-1890 (Post-Impressionist)1 artworks
Francesco Paolo HayezItalian, 1791-1881 (Romantic)1 artworks
CanalettoItalian, 1697-1768 (Veduta)1 artworks
Silvestro LegaItalian, 1826-18951 artworks
Claude Oscar MonetFrench, 1840-1926 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Giovanni SegantiniItalian, 1858-18991 artworks

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