Lindenau-Museum Altenburg
Germany (Altenburg)
Top artists in the collection:

Fra AngelicoItalian, 1395-1455 (Early Renaissance)4 artworks
Lippo MemmiItalian, 1291-13563 artworks
Pietro LorenzettiItalian, 1280-13483 artworks
Guido da SienaItalian, 1250-12802 artworks
Lorenzo MonacoItalian, 1370-14252 artworks
Andrea di BartoloItalian, 1360-14282 artworks
Martino di Bartolomeo di BiagoItalian, 1388-14351 artworks
Angelo PuccinelliItalian, 1360-14101 artworks
Nardo di CioneItalian, 1320-13661 artworks
Christian RohlfsGerman, 1849-19381 artworks
Andrea di Vanni d'AndreaItalian, 1332-14131 artworks

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