Hospitalfield Centre for Art & Culture
United Kingdom (Arbroath)
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Hospitalfield, Centre for Art & Culture, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 2NH

Angus DD11 2NH, UK
Top artists in the collection:

William Kidd1790-18635 artworks
Cosmo Alexander1724-17723 artworks
Charles ColemanEnglish, 1808-18742 artworks
Edgar Barclay1842-19131 artworks
Antonio BalestraItalian, 1666-1740 (Baroque)1 artworks
John BallantyneEnglish, 1815-18971 artworks
Augustus Leopold EggEnglish, 1816-18631 artworks
James Cassie1819-18791 artworks
Jean-Baptiste GreuzeFrench, 1725-1805 (Rococo)1 artworks
William Powell FrithEnglish, 1819-19091 artworks
Keeley Halswelle1832-18911 artworks

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