Mercer Art Gallery - Harrogate
United Kingdom (Harrogate)
North Yorkshire, UK
Top artists in the collection:

William Powell FrithEnglish, 1819-19095 artworks
John Atkinson GrimshawEnglish, 1836-18934 artworks
Herbert Davis Richter1874-19553 artworks
Thomas Sidney CooperEnglish, 1803-19022 artworks
Edward John CobbettEnglish, 1815-18992 artworks
Henry MooreEnglish, 1831-18951 artworks
Walter Richard SickertGerman, 1860-1942 (Post-Impressionist)1 artworks
Eric RaviliousEnglish, 1903-19421 artworks
Anne RedpathScottish, 1895-19651 artworks
Patrick NasmythScottish, 1787-18311 artworks
Albert Julius Olsson1864-19421 artworks

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