National Gallery of Armenia
Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia)
National Gallery of Armenia
1 Aram Street, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Top artists in the collection:

Kuzma Petrov-VodkinRussian, 1878-19397 artworks
Constantin Alexeevich KorovinRussian, 1861-19396 artworks
Isaac LevitanRussian, 1860-1900 (Peredvizhniki)6 artworks
Konstantin SomovRussian, 1869-19393 artworks
Viktor Elpidiforovich Borisov-MusatovRussian, 1870-19053 artworks
Valentin SerovRussian, 1865-1911 (Impressionist)3 artworks
Alexander KuprinRussian, 1880-19602 artworks
Boris Mikhailovich KustodievRussian, 1878-19272 artworks
Vladimir Yegorovich MakovskyRussian, 1846-19202 artworks
Vardkes Sureniants1860-19211 artworks
Natalia GoncharovaRussian, 1881-1962 (Blaue Reiter)1 artworks

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