Magyar Nemzeti Galéria
Also known as National Gallery of Hungary
Hungary (Budapest)
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Not to be confused with the National Museum of Hungary.

Buda Castle
1013 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2, Hungary
Top artists in the collection:

Mihály MunkácsyHungarian, 1844-190086 artworks
Pal Szinyei-MerseHungarian, 1845-192018 artworks
József Rippl-RónaiHungarian, 1861-1930 (Nabi)16 artworks
Bertalan SzékelyHungarian, 1835-191014 artworks
Károly LotzHungarian, 1833-190412 artworks
Gyula BenczúrHungarian, 1844-19207 artworks
Philip Alexius de LászlóHungarian, 1869-19377 artworks
László PaálHungarian, 1846-18797 artworks
Viktor MadarászHungarian, 1830-19176 artworks
Miklós BarabásHungarian, 1810-18986 artworks
Ágost Elek CanziHungarian, 1808-1866 (Romantic)4 artworks

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