Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum
United Kingdom (Burnley)
Towneley Park
Burnley, Lancashire BB11 3RQ, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Stocks Austerberry1847-18993 artworks
Thomas Sidney CooperEnglish, 1803-19023 artworks
John William WaterhouseEnglish, 1849-1917 (Academist)2 artworks
Abraham HulkDutch, 1813-18972 artworks
Isaac Cooke1846-19222 artworks
John LinnellEnglish, 1792-18822 artworks
Edmund BristowEnglish, 1787-18762 artworks
Charles SpencelayhEnglish, 1865-19582 artworks
David CoxEnglish, 1783-18591 artworks
George Vicat ColeEnglish, 1833-18931 artworks
William Clarke WontnerEnglish, 1857-1930 (Academist)1 artworks

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