Stanley and Audrey Burton Art Gallery - University of Leeds
United Kingdom (Leeds)
University House
University of Leeds, University Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JS, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Emily FordEnglish, 1851-19305 artworks
Marmaduke C. William Flower1849-19104 artworks
Roger Eliot FryEnglish, 1866-19343 artworks
John S. Currie1883-19142 artworks
Gerard ChowneIndian, 1875-19172 artworks
Oswald Hornby Joseph BirleyNew Zealander, 1880-19521 artworks
Augustus JohnWelsh, 1878-19611 artworks
Herbert Davis Richter1874-19551 artworks
Vanessa BellEnglish, 1879-19611 artworks
James Bell Anderson1886-19381 artworks
Pietro AnnigoniItalian, 1910-19881 artworks

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