Amgueddfa Cymru - Cardiff
Also known as National Museum of Wales
United Kingdom (Cardiff)
National Museum Cardiff
Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Augustus JohnWelsh, 1878-1961133 artworks
Evan WaltersWelsh, 1893-195141 artworks
Graham Sutherland1903-198031 artworks
Richard Wilson, R. A.Welsh, 1713-178221 artworks
Sir Cedric MorrisWelsh, 1889-198218 artworks
James Dickson Innes1887-1914 (Post-Impressionist)15 artworks
Gwen JohnWelsh, 1876-193914 artworks
Thomas JonesWelsh, 1742-180311 artworks
Ceri Richards1903-197111 artworks
Oswald Hornby Joseph BirleyNew Zealander, 1880-195210 artworks
Thomas BarkerEnglish, 1769-184710 artworks

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