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People - 6 results
BARANOV-ROSSINE, Wladimir Davidov 1888-1944Russian artist
CZACHÓRSKI, Władysław 1850-1911Polish Academist artist37 artworks
PODKOWINSKI, Wladyslaw 1866-1895Polish artist3 artworks
SLEWINSKI, Wladyslaw 1854-1918Polish artist15 artworks
WEREFKIN, Marianne von
Found by alternate name: Marianna Wladimirowna Werjowkina
1860-1938Russian Blaue Reiter artist109 artworks
BAKALOWICZ, Władysław 1833-1903Polish artist42 artworks
Artworks - 4 results
Portrait of Wladislaus II JagielloMarcello Bacciarelli1771
Portrait of Wladislaus IV VasaMarcello Bacciarelli1771
Portrait of Wladyslaw MickiewiczStanislaw Wyspianski1904
Wladyslawa OrdonStanislaw Wyspianski1903