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Adam's Lodgings, LondonJohn Ottis Adams1872-1874
Albany Street, LondonReginald Grenville Eves
Albemarle Street, LondonJohann Heinrich Füssli
Alone in LondonThomas Alexander Ferguson Graham1894
Alone in LondonThomas Alexander Ferguson Graham1904
The Appam, London DocksSir John Lavery, R.A.1916
The Arrival of the Jarrow Marchers in London, Viewed from an InteriorThomas Cantrell Dugdale1936
At a Racecourse near LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1920-1923
At a Racecourse near LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1924
The Balcony, Mornington Crescent, LondonSpencer Gore1911
Ballet School in LondonIsaac Israels
The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, LondonWilliam Marlow
Bath Road, LondonCamille Pissarro1897
Battersea Bridge, LondonCharles Henry Gifford1879
Battersea Reach, Early Morning, LondonWalter Greaves1900
The Battle of LondonFrancis Owen Salisbury1944
Bayswater Road, London, near the Old Temple GatePaul Sandby, R.A.1806
Beach Scene, New LondonWilliam James Glackens1918
Billingsgate Fish Market, LondonClare Atwood1936
Billingsgate Wharf, LondonJohn Wilson Carmichael1852
Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul's, LondonWilliam Marlow1762
Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul's, LondonWilliam Marlow1774
Blackfriars Bridge, LondonChristopher Nevinson1927
Blackfriars Bridge, LondonAndré Derain1906
Blackheath, LondonJohn Randall Bratby1953
Blackman Street, Borough, LondonJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1885
Blackwall, LondonCharles Napier Hemy1872
Boats in the Port of LondonClaude Oscar Monet1871
Borough Market, Southwark, LondonHarold Workman
A Boxing Match at the Aquarium, LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1925
Bridge in LondonMaurice de Vlaminck1911
Brompton Church, LondonStephen Seymour Thomas1892
Bruton Street Building Site, LondonFrank Auerbach1953
Buckingham Street, Strand, LondonEdmund John Niemann1854
Building Site, Victoria Street, LondonFrank Auerbach1959
The Burning of Drury Lane Theatre from Westminster Bridge, LondonThomas Luny1609
The Cafe Royal, LondonSir William Orpen, R.A., R.H.A.1912
Cannon Street Station with the River Thames, LondonEmily Court
The Censorship: Strand House, Portugal Street, LondonAlexander Joshua Caleb Bryce1918-1919
The Chalon Family in LondonJacques-Laurent Agasse1800
Changing Horses, the Exeter to London Mail; Sir Henry Paton, Bt, Leading the HorseWilliam Henry Davis1821
Chaos on London BridgeHarold Workman
A Charger on the Parade Ground of Albany Barracks, LondonJohn Frederick Herring, Sr1839
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1899-1901
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1901
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonPhilip Connard
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonAndré Derain1905-1906
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonCamille Pissarro1890
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1901
Charing Cross, LondonLesser Ury1926
Charles Dickens' House at Dulwich, LondonWilliam Edward Fox
Charles II Entering LondonAlfred Barron Clay1867
Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess of LondonderryWilliam Conor, R.H.A., R.U.A.1926
Charles Stewart, Sixth Marquess of Londonderry, Carrying the Great Sword of State at the CoronationJohn Singer Sargent1904
Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry, in Red Hunting Coat on HorsebackHeywood Hardy1888
Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, KG, 6th Marquess of Londonderry....John Cooke1902
Charles William Vane-Stewart, 3rd Marquess of LondonderrySir Thomas Lawrence1812
Chelsea Old Bridge, LondonPeter de Wint
Chelsea Parish Church, LondonWalter Greaves
Chelsea Reaches, LondonPhilip Connard
The Chester to London Mail CoachSamuel Henry Alken
Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, London, by MoonlightHenry Pether1850
Chiswick Land, LondonJean Mannheim1908
Christ Church, Newgate Street, LondonJohn Piper1941
Christmas Day in the London Bridge Young Men's Christian Association CanteenClare Atwood1920
Christ's Hospital Children in London QuadEyre Crowe1877
The Church of All Souls, Langham Place, LondonCharles Ginner1924
The Church of St John, Hampstead, LondonSir John Lavery, R.A.1901-1910
City of LondonArthur Segal1927
Clarence Gardens NW, LondonHarold Gilman1912
Clarence Street, Eden Street and London Road, Kingston, SurreyWilliam Freeman1905
Collins's Farm, North End, Hampstead, LondonJohn Linnell1831
A Common near LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1924
The Constitution Screen on Constitution Hill, LondonHilda Fearon
A Corner of Hampstead Ponds, LondonJohn Constable
A Corner of Russell Square, Russell Square from Montague Street, LondonStanislawa Karlowska1931-1935
The Coronation in LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1910
The Coronation Luncheon at the Guildhall, London, 19 May 1937Francis Owen Salisbury1937-1938
Covent Garden, LondonJan Griffier
Covent Garden Piazza and Market, LondonJoseph van Aken1726-1730
Covent Garden Piazza and Market, LondonJohn Collet1771-1780
Cromwell at the 'Blue Boar', Holborn, LondonErnest Crofts
Crypt of St Mary le Bow, LondonArthur Paine Garratt1908
Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, LondonThomas Colman Dibdin1851
The Crystal Palace, LondonCamille Pissarro1871
Crystal Palace, Sydenham, LondonJacques-Émile Blanche1907
The Custom House and Pool of London by MoonlightHenry Pether
Dazzle Ships in London DocksJohn Everett
Demolition of St Olave's, Tooley Street, London,Rex Vicat Cole
Distant View of LondonJohn Martin1815
Doctor George Ferris Whidborne Mortimer, Headmaster of the City of London SchoolEden Upton Eddis
The Dress Carriage of Viscount Eversley in Hyde Park, LondonEdwin Frederick Holt1856
Dulwich College, LondonCamille Pissarro1871
Edinburgh and London Royal MailJacques-Laurent Agasse
Edith Vane-Tempest-Stewart, the Marchioness of LondonderryPhilip Alexius de László1918
The Embankment, LondonJohn O'Connor1874
The Entrance of Mary I with Princess Elizabeth into London, 1553John Byam Liston Shaw, A.R.W.S.1910
Entrance to Hastings, East Sussex, from London RoadAgostino Aglio1823
The Entry into London of Richard II and Bolingbroke, 1399James Taylor Eglington1839
The Entry of Richard and Bolingbroke into LondonJames Northcote1793
Equestrian Portrait of Sir Richard Hoare II as Lord Mayor of London, at Temple BarJohn Wootton1746
Evening Departure, London River BoatBernard Finnigan Gribble1894
Evening in the City of LondonDavid Bomberg1944
An Evening in LondonFrederick Cayley Robinson1920
Factory in North LondonLucian Freud1972
Festival Hall and Shot Tower, LondonStephen Bone1951
Firework Display in Hyde Park, LondonCharles William Wyllie1919
First State Visit of Queen Victoria to the City of London, November 1837, Passing St Paul'sGeorge Hayter1837
First View of Hyde Park, London in NovemberJacques-Émile Blanche1924
The First Wounded at The London Hospital, 1914Sir John Lavery, R.A.1914
The First Wounded at The London Hospital, 1914Sir John Lavery, R.A.1914
The First Wounded, London Hospital, August 1914Sir John Lavery, R.A.1915
Flower Market in LondonJules Bastien-Lepage1882
Fox Hill, Upper Norwood, London, under SnowCamille Pissarro1871
Francis Richard Dale, Headmaster of the City of London SchoolHerbert Ashwin Budd1949
Frederick William Robert Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry, KP, PC, on a Horse by theCharles Grey1856
Frederick William Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Later 4th Marquess of LondonderrySir William Allan1823
Fresh Wharf, London BridgeWilliam Marlow1762
Fresh Wharf, near London BridgeWilliam Marlow1762
From Pentonville Road Looking West, London, EveningJohn O'Connor1884
From a Window at 45 Brook Street, LondonSir Cedric Morris1926
The Funeral Procession of Queen Victoria Passing through Hyde Park, LondonMary Edity Durham1901
F. W. Webb, Chief Mechanical Engineer, London and North Western RailwayGeorge Hall Neale1903
Gallery Box at the New Bedford Music Hall, LondonWalter Richard Sickert1906-1907
George Dance's Design for the New London Bridge, LondonWilliam Daniell1802
The Globe Theatre in LondonGustav Klimt1888
Good Service Work in a London SlumErnest Stafford Carlos1913
The Granville Theatre, Walham Green, LondonJames Proudfoot1945
The Great Fire Of LondonStanhope Alexander Forbes
The Great Fire of London, 1666Jan Griffier
Green Park, LondonEverett Shinn1908
Green Park, LondonSir John Lavery, R.A.1914
Green Park, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1870-1871
Greenwich Park, LondonGeorge William Mote1897
Greenwich, View of the Thames, LondonRaoul Dufy
Gun Wharf, Tower of LondonHenry Pether
Hammersmith Bridge, LondonCharles John De Lacy
Hampstead Backs, LondonCharles Mahoney
Hampstead Heath, LondonLouis Ginett
Hampstead, LondonWalter Richard Sickert
Hampton Court Green, LondonCamille Pissarro1891
Hansom Cab in LondonEdmund Tarbell1886
Harrow from Hampstead, LondonEdmund John Niemann
Harvey Christian Combe, Lord Mayor of LondonBenjamin Burnell1800
Hastings, East Sussex, from the London RoadAgostino Aglio1825
Henry Compton, Bishop of LondonSir Godfrey Kneller, BT.1675
HMS 'London', a Cutter, off DoverThomas Luny
The Honourable Edith Helen Chaplin, Marchioness of LondonderryPhilip Alexius de László1927
The Honourable Edith Helen Chaplin, Marchioness of Londonderry, with Her Favourite GreyhoundPhilip Alexius de László1913
Horse Guards from St. James Park, LondonAnna Mary Richards Brewster1907
The Houses of Parliament and Lambeth Palace, LondonKonstantin Gorbatov
Houses of Parliament at Night, LondonAndré Derain1906
The Houses of Parliament from Millbank, LondonDavid Roberts1861
The Houses of Parliament, LondonBenjamin Constant
Houses of Parliament, London, Symphony in RoseClaude Oscar Monet1900-1901
Hyde Park Corner, LondonBernard Dunstan1961
Hyde Park, LondonCamille Pissarro1890
Hyde Park, LondonLeon De Smet1914
Hydrangeas by the Studio Window (at Cheyne Walk, London, England)Wilfred Gabriel De Glehn
Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, LondonStanislawa Karlowska
Impressions of LondonAnders Zorn1890
In the Fields around LondonGiuseppe de Nittis
'Inheritance' of LondonEdouard Marie Adam1881
Interior, 31, Mornington Crescent, LondonSpencer Gore1910
Interior at Portland Place, LondonEthel Sands
Interior in London, Brunswick SquareVilhelm Hammershøi1912
Interior of the Coach-Wheelwright's Shop at 4 1/2 Marshall Street, Soho, LondonClare Atwood1897
The Interior of the Rotunda, Ranelagh, LondonCanaletto1754
Interior of St Martin Outwich, LondonDaniel Pasmore
Interior of St Martin Outwich, LondonDaniel Pasmore1858
Interior of Westminster Abbey, London, Looking into the South TranseptJohn Henry Frederick Bacon1914
Interior of Westminster Abbey, London, Showing the High AltarJohn Henry Frederick Bacon1914
Interior, Princess Gardens, LondonMarie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont
Interior, Princess Gardens, LondonMarie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont
The Ipswich to London CoachHenry Thomas Alken1840
Jane de Glehn at Cheyne Walk, London, EnglandWilfred Gabriel De Glehn1904
The Jews' College 'Rabbinical Seminary" in Guilford Street, LondonVilhelm Hammershøi1912-1913
John Randolph (1749–1813), Bishop of LondonWilliam Owen1811
John Stow's Monument in St Andrew Undershaft, LondonArthur Paine Garratt1908
Jubilie Celebration at Bedford Park, LondonCamille Pissarro1897
Junction between London Road and Richmond Road, Kingston, SurreyWilliam Freeman1905
Kensington Gardens, LondonCamille Pissarro1890
Kensington High Street, LondonArthur Temple Felix Clay
Kensington High Street, LondonArthur Temple Felix Clay
Kensington Palace, LondonEdward Frederick Brewtnall1891-1902
Kew Bridge, LondonWalter Greaves1900
King John Presents the Bishop of London with the Charter for Braintree, 1199Maurice William Greiffenhagen1930
Knightsbridge from Sloane Street, LondonJacques-Émile Blanche
Lambeth Bridge and Palace, LondonEdward Reginald Frampton1899
Landscape [near London]Thomas Doughty1845
Leicester Square, LondonCharles Ginner1912
The Liberal Arts, Allegory of Grammar (London)Laurent de La Hyre1650
Limehouse Reach, LondonWilliam Anderson
Limehouse Reach, LondonWilliam Anderson1820
Lindsay Wharf, Chelsea, LondonWalter Greaves
LNER Musical Society at Queen's Hall, LondonFrederick William Elwell1927
'Lock Ryan' of LondonArthur Cozens1928
LondonMichele Cascella1929
LondonEugenio Scorzelli
LondonRaoul Dufy1929
London and the River Thames from One Tree Hill, Greenwich ParkJan Griffier1690
London and South West Railway Station, Dorchester, DorsetJohn Everett1924
London: Autumnal MorningJoseph Mallord William Turner1801
London, Belgrave Square: The White HouseJacques-Émile Blanche1886
London, Boats on the ThamesClaude Oscar Monet1901
London BootblackJules Bastien-Lepage1882
London BridgeFrederick Waters Watts1840
London BridgeJacques-Émile Blanche1905-1914
London BridgeAndré Derain1906
London BridgeJane Peterson
London BridgeAndré Derain1906
London BridgePhilip Connard
London BridgeCharles John De Lacy1884
London Bridge: Adelaide House and Fresh WharfCharles Ginner1913
London Bridge and St Paul's by MoonlightWilliam Anderson
London Bridge from Bankside, LondonSir David Scott Murray1915
London Bridge from Pepper Alley StairsWilliam Marlow1788
London Bridge - Half TideJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1884
London Bridge on the Night of the Marriage of the Prince and Princess of WalesWilliam Holman Hunt1863
London CharwomanEmmeline Deane1931
The London, Chatham and Dover RailwayThomas George Cooper1876
A London ChurchRobert Bevan1922-1923
London Dock Fires, 1940Helen Lavinia Cochrane1941
London DocksJohn Everett
London DocksJohn Everett
London DocksJohn Everett
London DocksRichard Haley Lever1900-1910
Londoners GypsyingCharles Robert Leslie1820
A London Flower GirlSamuel Baruch Halle1865
London Flower GirlAlbert Goodwin1892
A London Flower GirlSamuel Baruch Halle
London for State OccasionsChristopher Clark1930
London from Fleet Street, the Lord Mayor's ShowDavid Roberts1837
London from Greenwich ParkJoseph Mallord William Turner1809
London from Lambeth, with WestminsterJoseph Mallord William Turner1795-1797
London from Parliament Hill, HampsteadGeorge F. Carline1918
London from Waterloo Park, HighgateRex Vicat Cole1926
The London HippodromeEverett Shinn1902
London HouseMarie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont
London: Hyde ParkEdwin Harris1949
A London InteriorHerbert Davis Richter1942
The London–Liverpool CoachJohn Cordrey
London Music HallEverett Shinn1918
London: The Old Horseguards from St. James ParkCanaletto1749
London, Pall Mall; and Saint James StreetJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1880-1889
London: PiccadillyMaurice William Greiffenhagen1926
London, Piccadilly at NightJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1885-1886
London: Regent StreetJacques-Émile Blanche1912
London RiverCharles Napier Hemy1904
The London Riverfront from Westminster to the AdelphiWilliam Marlow1771-1772
London River, the Limehouse Barge-BuildersCharles Napier Hemy1877
London Road, Kingston, SurreyWilliam Freeman1905
London Road, Kingston, SurreyWilliam Freeman1905
London Road, Kingston, SurreyWilliam Freeman1905
The London Road, Portsdown HillGeorge Cole1867
The London Road Viaduct, BrightonJohn Wilson Carmichael1848
London: Second View of Hyde ParkJacques-Émile Blanche1924
A London SkylineJames Proudfoot
London, St James's PalaceChristopher Clark
London, St. Paul's CathedralCamille Pissarro1890
A London StreetRuskin Spear1944-1945
London Street Arabs Struggling for a CoinAlbert Ludovici, Jr1872
London Street, BathWalter Richard Sickert1941
London Street in the SnowHarold Gilman1917
A London Street SceneBarnett Freedman1930
London TerraceCharles Ginner
London, the Thames, EveningMaximilien Luce1892
London: The Thames from Somerset House Terrace towards the CityCanaletto1750-1751
London: The Thames from Somerset House Terrace towards WestminsterCanaletto1750-1751
London: Third View of Belgrave SquareJacques-Émile Blanche1886
The London to Birmingham Stage CoachJohn Cordrey1801
The London to Dartford Stage CoachJohn Cordrey1813
The London to Manchester Mail CoachGeorge Goodwin Kilburne
The London to York Stagecoach on a Cobbled StreetGeorge Goodwin Kilburne1905
London to York- Times Up GentlemenWalter Dendy Sadler
London, View of Heath Street by NightJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1882
London VisitorsJames Tissot1874
London, Waterloo BridgeOskar Kokoschka1926
London, Waterloo BridgeEmil Claus1918
London, Wet Evening, Gaiety TheatreAlgernon Talmage
London Whelk WomanRuskin Spear1959-1961
London: Whitehall and the Privy Garden looking NorthCanaletto
London, WinterChristopher Nevinson1928
London: Winter ScenePaul Nash1940
London, York House Water-Gate, Westminster, with York Buildings WaterworksJoseph Mallord William Turner1794-1795
Looking over LondonAnthony Devis
The Lord Mayor's Procession by Water to Westminster, London, 9 November 1789Francis Wheatley1792
Louise Creighton, Wife of Mandell Creighton, Bishop of LondonGlyn Warren Philpot
The Lower Pool and Limehouse Reach, LondonArthur James Wetherall Burgess
Ludgate Hill, LondonJames Kay
Ludgate Hill, LondonWilhelm Trübner1884
Malta Grand Harbour – HMS 'Shropshire', HMS 'London'Dora Altounyan
Mansion House, LondonLouis Hubbard Grimshaw1894
Marble Arch, LondonFritz Thaulow
The Marchioness of Londonderry, née the Hon. Edith ChaplinPhilip Alexius de László1920
The Marchioness of Londonderry, née Lady Theresa Chetwynd-TalbotPhilip Alexius de László1912
The Marquess of LondonderrySir John Lavery, R.A.1924
Matthias Prime Lucas, Lord Mayor of London (1827)David Wilkie1838
Medieval LondonHenry John Foley
Medieval LondonHenry John Foley
Memory of LondonLucian Freud1939
The Metropolitan Cattle Market, Copenhagen Fields, LondonWilliam Henry Davis1855
Montague Street in LondonVilhelm Hammershøi1906
Morning: London from HighgateAlfred Clint1841
Morning Reflection on the Thames in LondonEmil Claus1918
Morning Ride in Hyde Park, LondonIsaac Israels1913-1915
Mornington Crescent, LondonSpencer Gore1911
Mornington Crescent, LondonSpencer Gore1911
The National Gallery, LondonAlbert Ernest Bottomley1930
The Naval Dockyard, Deptford, LondonJohn Cleverly the Younger
Near New LondonRobert Crannell Minor1900
Newgate Prison from the Garden of St Sepulchre's Church, LondonMary Edity Durham1901
New London, ConnecticutWilliam M. Hart
No.182 Ebury Street, LondonAnton Abraham van Anrooy
Nocturne, Battersea Old Bridge in LondonWalter Greaves
Nocturne, Battersea Reach, LondonWalter Greaves
Northfleet, near Greenwich, LondonSir Augustus Wall Callcott R.A.1841
North London GirlSpencer Gore1911-1912
Northumberland House and Whitehall from the North Side of Trafalgar Square, London, by MoonlightHenry Pether1861-1867
Number 15, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, LondonWilliam Edward Fox1916
Off Greenwich, LondonWilliam Henry Bartlett1897
Old Chelsea Bridge, LondonCamille Pissarro1890
Old Chelsea Church, LondonEmily Maria Eardley Childers1922
Old Drury Lane Theatre on Fire, London, 24 February 1809Abraham Pether1809
Old Kew Bridge, LondonSir Frank William Brangwyn1901
Old Kew Bridge, LondonJames Webb
An Old London BridgeWalter Greaves
The Old Town Mill, New London, ConnecticutJulian Onderdonk1901
Old Waterloo Bridge, LondonGerald Maurice Burn1882
Omnibus Life in LondonWilliam Maw Egley1859
The Opening Ceremony of the Great Exhibition, LondonJames Digman Wingfield1851
The Opening of the New London BridgeDavid Cox1831
Our Garden, London Road, NewarkSir William Nicholson1887
Oxford Street, LondonPaolo Sala1885
The Palace of Westminster, LondonGeorge Vicat Cole1892
Panoramic View of Greenwich, the Thames, and London, from the EastRobert Griffier1729
A Panoramic View of London from Denmark HillAlexander Nasmyth
Peek frean cos biscuits LondonThomas Benjamin Kennington1891
A Peep at the Metropolis from Hampstead Heath, LondonJames Baker Pyne1841
Peggy Ashcroft, as Juliet, London, 1935Ethel Leontine Gabain1935
Piccadilly Circus, LondonIsaac Israels1915
Piccadilly, LondonEdward Darley Boit1911
Piccadilly, London, 12 May 1937Sir John Lavery, R.A.1937
Pifferari in LondonJean-Léon Gérôme1870
Pimlico, LondonWalter Richard Sickert1937
The Pool, LondonEdwin Edwards
The Pool of LondonEdward Henry Eugene Fletcher
The Pool of LondonFrederick McCubbin1907
The Pool of LondonFrederick McCubbin1907
The Pool of LondonGeorge Vicat Cole1888
The Pool of LondonThomas Luny1810
The Pool of LondonHenry Dawson
The Pool of LondonCharles John De Lacy
The Pool of LondonCharles William Wyllie
The Pool of LondonWalter Greaves
The Pool of LondonGeorge Paul Chambers, Sr.1848
The Pool of LondonAndré Derain1906
The Pool of London, Billingsgate to the Tower, MoonlightHenry Pether
The Port of LondonClaude Oscar Monet1871
The Port of LondonSamuel Bough1863
The Port of LondonCharles William Wyllie
Port of London: Greenwich PalaceJames Francis Danby1871
Portrait Group of Members of the Marylebone Cricket Club Outside the Pavilion at Lord's, LondonHenry Barraud1866-1874
Portrait of Charles Frederick Schlaberg, LondonThomas Phillips1827
Portrait of Henry Compton, Bishop of LondonSir Godfrey Kneller, BT.1675
Preparing For Departure, LondonVictor Gabriel Gilbert1882
A Prospect of the City of London from the NorthBritish School 18th Century - Unknown1730
Prospect of London from a collonade with a distant view of St. Paul's and Old London BridgeAntonio Joli
Putney Bridge, LondonTom Roberts1905-1908
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee: The Royal Procession Passing over London Bridge, 20 June 1897Helen Thornycroft1897
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, a View of the Processional Route from Borough Road, LondonMary Edity Durham1897
Rainy Day in London, Thames PortLesser Ury1926
Ralph Brocklebank, Director, London and North Western RailwayGeorge Hall Neale
Regent Street, LondonAndré Derain1906
Reverend Joseph Harris, Master at the City of London SchoolJohn Robert Dicksee1891
Richard Terrick, Bishop of LondonSir Nathaniel Dance-Holland1764
Richard Terrick, Bishop of LondonSir Nathaniel Dance-Holland
Richmond Bridge, LondonJames Isaiah Lewis
Richmond Bridge, LondonSir John Lavery, R.A.1926
Richmond Hill and the Thames, LondonJasper Francis Cropsey1861
Richmond, near LondonJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot1862
The Right Honourable Sir Charles Cheers Wakefield, Mayor of LondonSir John Lavery, R.A.
The River Pageant, as Seen from the Home of Sir James Barries, Adelphi Terrace, LondonSir John Lavery, R.A.1919
The River Thames at Chiswick, LondonSir Augustus Wall Callcott R.A.
The River Thames, London, MoonlightLesser Ury
Robert Stewart, Later 1st Marquess of LondonderryAnton Raphael Mengs1758
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Later 2nd Marquis of LondonderrySir Thomas Lawrence1830
Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Lord Stewart, later 8th Marquess of LondonderryPhilip Alexius de László1911
Rogers's 'Poems' - Traitor's Gate, Tower of LondonJoseph Mallord William Turner1830-1832
Romney's House, Hampstead, LondonEthelbert White1940
'Rosa' of LondonRuben Chappell
Rotherhithe, LondonDuncan Grant1933
Rowing Match at Putney, LondonElizabeth Clasper1870
Rt Rev. Beilby Porteous, Bishop of LondonJohn Hoppner1807
The Ruins of the Pantheon in Oxford Street, London, after the Disastrous Fire of 14 January 1792William Marlow1792
Saint Anne's Church in Kew, LondonCamille Pissarro1892
Sandpits near LondonEdmund John Niemann
The Savoyard Boy in LondonJames E. Freeman1865
Scene from 'Helen!', Adelphi Theatre, LondonOliver Messel1939
The School of Love (London version)Correggio1525
'Selim', the Marquess of Londonderry's Bay Hunter in a LandscapeJames Barenger1827
The Serpentine, Hyde Park, LondonGiuseppe de Nittis1878
The Serptentine, Hyde Park, LondonJasper Francis Cropsey1858
The Setting Out of the Train Bands from London to Raise the Siege of Gloucester (sketch)Charles West Cope
A Shell Forge at a National Projectile Factory, Hackney Marshes, LondonAnna Airy1918
Shipping in the Pool of LondonCharles John De Lacy1892
Shipping in the Pool of LondonRobert Dodd
Sir Charles Hall, Recorder of LondonJohn Maler Collier1895
Sir Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess of Londonderry, KG, MPSir John Lavery, R.A.1924
Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter, Lord Mayor of LondonSamuel Drummond1813
Sir Edward Coke, Recorder of LondonGilbert Jackson1615
Sir Ernest Gowers, Lieutenant Colonel A.J. Child and K.A.L. Parker in the London Regional Civil DefMeredith Frampton1943
Sir George Broadbridge, Lord Mayor of LondonMaurice Frederick Codner
Sir Henry Edmund Knight, Lord Mayor of LondonJohn Robert Dicksee1883
Sir Horace Brooks Marshall, Lord Mayor of LondonFrancis Owen Salisbury
Sir Horace Brooks Marshall, Lord Mayor of LondonFrancis Owen Salisbury
Sir John Eamer, Lord Mayor of LondonMather Brown1801
Sir John Garrard, Lord Mayer of London, 1601Daniël Mijtens1618
Sir John Robinson, Lord Mayor of LondonJohn Michael Wright1662
Sir John Robinson, Lord Mayor of LondonJohn Michael Wright1670-1675
Sir Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale, Lord Mayor of LondonArthur Stockdale Cope1902
Sir Matthew Wood, Lord Mayor of LondonThomas Phillips
Sir Richard Levitt, Lord Mayor of LondonGodfried Schalcken
Sir Richard Levitt, Lord Mayor of LondonGodfried Schalcken
Sir Richard Moon, London and North Western RailwayWilliam Carter1900
Sir Robert Kite, Lord Mayor of LondonSir Nathaniel Dance-Holland
Sir Thomas Exmewe, Lord Mayor of LondonJohn Bettes the Elder1550
Sir Thomas Harrison, Chamberlain of LondonSir Joshua Reynolds1758
Sir William Staines, Lord Mayor of LondonSir William Beechey
Sir William Treloar, Lord Mayor of LondonPhilip Tennyson Cole1907
Sir William Vaughan Morgan, Lord Mayor of LondonJohn Kelt Edwards
Southwark Cathedral, LondonWilliam Dacres Adams1920
Spring in North London, 2 Houghton PlaceSpencer Gore1912
Spring in Regent's Park, LondonAlma Gogin
Spring in St John's Wood, LondonDame Laura Knight1933
Spring on Wimbledon Common, LondonPhilip Connard
Spring, Regent's Park, LondonAnne Estelle Rice
SS 'Active' of LondonRuben Chappell
Staple Inn, Holborn, LondonGeorge Alfred Boden
St Bartholomew the Great, LondonWilliam Dacres Adams
St Bride, Fleet Street, LondonArthur Paine Garratt1908
St James's Park, LondonThomas Frederick Mason Sheard
St Katherine Cree, LondonArthur Paine Garratt1908
St Pancras, LondonPaul Nash1927
St Pancras Station, LondonBryan Organ
St Paul's Cathedral from St Martin's-le-Grand, LondonThomas Girtin1795
St Paul's Cathedral, London, with the Lord Mayor's ProcessionDavid Roberts1836
St Paul's, LondonHenry Dawson
St Paul's, LondonNorman Garstin
St Peter ad Vincula, LondonArthur Paine Garratt1908
Strand-on-the-Green, LondonFrederick Waters Watts
A Street Scene in Belsize Park, a House at Hampstead, LondonRobert Bevan1917
A Street Scene in Chelsea, LondonThomas Cantrell Dugdale1907
A Street Scene in LondonJacques-Émile Blanche
Study of Trees in South-West LondonThomas Lindsay
Sydney George Holland, 2nd Viscount Knutsford, Chairman of The London HospitalOswald Hornby Joseph Birley1914
The Temporary Waterloo Bridge, LondonChristopher Nevinson1938
The Thames and the City of London from Richmond HouseCanaletto1746
The Thames and the Houses of Parliament, LondonMaximilien Luce1895
The Thames at Battersea, LondonDavid Muirhead
The Thames at Chiswick, LondonSamuel Bough1865
The Thames at Deptford, LondonChristopher Nevinson1939
The Thames at Horseferry, with Lambeth Palace and a Distant View of the City, LondonJan Griffier1706-1710
The Thames at London, Vauxhall BridgeMaximilien Luce1893
Thames at Putney, LondonWilliam Parrott1840
The Thames at Southwark, LondonChristopher Nevinson1938
The Thames at Twickenham, Greater LondonRichard Wilson, R. A.1760-1763
The Thames by Moonlight with Southwark Bridge, LondonJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1884
The Thames Embankment, LondonJames Aumonier1882
The Thames from Richmond Hill, LondonErnest Albert Waterlow1905
The Thames in LondonWillam Arnold Witsen1895
The Thames in LondonMaximilien Luce1893
The Thames,LondonVáclav Radimský1905
Thames, LondonJules Bastien-Lepage1882
The Thames, LondonJames Kay
The Thames, LondonAndré Derain1906
The Thames, LondonFrank Myers Boggs1883-1887
Thames River, LondonRichard Haley Lever1900
Theresa Susey Helen Talbot, Later Marchioness of Londonderry and Charles Henry John, Viscount IngestValentine Cameron Prinsep
Thomas Coningsby and His Two Daughters, with the Tower of London in the BackgroundSir Godfrey Kneller, BT.1722
Tower Bridge, LondonOskar Kokoschka1925
Tower Bridge, LondonHarold Workman
Tower Bridge, LondonSir Frank William Brangwyn1905
The Tower of LondonDavid Roberts1864
The Tower of LondonChristopher Clark
The Tower of LondonAlbert Goodwin1897
Tower of London and Customs HouseHenry Pether1853
Trafalgar Square , LondonAnna Mary Richards Brewster1900
Trafalgar Square , LondonAnna Mary Richards Brewster1900
Trafalgar Square, LondonEverett Shinn1900
Trafalgar Square, LondonHenri Martin1908
Traitor's Gate, Tower of LondonHenry Pether
Twickenham Ferry, LondonJames Clark1888
Twilight on the Embankment, LondonWalter Greaves
The Underworld: Taking Cover in a Tube Station during a London Air RaidWalter Bayes1918
Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea, LondonHarold Workman1935
Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace, LondonCamille Pissarro1870
The Vale of Health, Hampstead, LondonSir Stanley Spencer, R. A.1940
The Victoria Embankment, LondonGiuseppe de Nittis1875
Victoria Embankment, LondonChristopher Nevinson1924
Victoria Station, London, the Sunlit SquareCharles Ginner1913
View from above Wandsworth, London, Westminster and St Paul's in the DistanceWilliam James Grant
View from the Adelphi, LondonAmbrose McEvoy1920
View from Mark Brown's Wharf, LondonThomas Flowerday Clarke1947
View in Kensington Gardens, LondonCharles Sims1921-1925
View Looking North from Inside St Pancras Station, LondonEmily Court
View near New London, ConnecticutFrancis A. Silva1877
A View of Hampstead Heath, LondonJohn Linnell
A View of Hampstead, LondonJohn Atkinson Grimshaw1882
View of Highgate, LondonWilliam Davis
View of LondonMaximilien Luce1892
View of London BridgeWilliam Marlow
View of London (Cannon Street)Maximilien Luce1893
View of London from GreenwichJoseph Mallord William Turner1825
A View of London from GreenwichGeorge Barret the elder
A View of London with Sir Richard Steele's HouseJohn Constable1831-1832
A View of London with St Paul'sRamsay Richard Reinagle
View of London with St Paul's in the DistanceJohn Auld
View of Ludgate Street from Ludgate Hill, with the West Front of St Paul's Cathedral, LondonWilliam Marlow
A View of the Thames from Waterloo Bridge, LondonEdmund John Niemann
View of the Thames, Pool of London, from Billingsgate to London BridgeHenry Pether1862
View on the River Brent, North LondonJoseph Mallord William Turner1810-1825
View on the Thames Looking towards St Paul's, LondonHenry Dawson1852
View Toward London from Hampstead HeathThomas Doughty1838-1846
Warren Stormes Hale, Founder of the City of London SchoolJoseph William Allen
Warren Stormes Hale, Lord Mayor of London and Founder of the City of London SchoolJohn Robert Dicksee1853
Waterloo Bridge and the Lambeth Waterfront from Westminster Stairs, LondonCharles Deane1821
Waterloo Bridge and the Thames from Westminster Landing Stage, LondonCharles Deane
Waterloo Bridge, LondonLesser Ury1907
Waterloo Bridge, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1901
Waterloo Bridge, LondonEmil Claus1918
Waterloo Bridge, LondonRichard Haley Lever
Waterloo Bridge, LondonClaude Oscar Monet1900
Waterloo Bridge, London, at DuskClaude Oscar Monet1904
Watermill at Carshalton, LondonPatrick Nasmyth1830
The Waterside Entrance to Cremorne Gardens, LondonWalter Greaves1859
The Waterworks at London Bridge on Fire, 1779William Marlow
Wells Farm Railway Bridge, Acton, LondonLucien Pissarro1907
Westminster Bridge and the Burning of the Houses of Parliament from Lambeth, LondonThomas Luny1835
Westminster Bridge, LondonWilliam Marlow1774
Westminster Bridge, LondonWilliam Marlow1787
Westminster from the River, LondonAntonio Joli
Westminster from the South, LondonWilliam Anderson
Westminster, LondonStephen Bone
Westminster Sunset, LondonAlbert Goodwin1900
Whitehall, LondonFrancis Edgar Dodd
William Whitaker Thompson, Chairman of London County CouncilSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
The Window from My Studio (Cheyne Gardens, London0Anna Mary Richards Brewster1900-1905
Women Working in a Gas Retort House: South Metropolitan Gas Company, LondonAnna Airy1918
The Yeoman of the Guard Searching the Crypt of the Houses of Parliament, LondonArthur Temple Felix Clay1894
The York-London Coach at the George Inn, StamfordJohn Frederick Herring, Sr1844
York Watergate and the Adelphi from the River, LondonJohn O'Connor1872
York Watergate and the Adelphi from the River, London, by MoonlightHenry Pether
Museums and other owners of art - results
United Kingdom (London)0 artworks
18 Stafford TerraceUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
2 Willow RoadUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Arts Council Collection at the South Bank CentreUnited Kingdom (London)57 artworks
Attorney General's OfficeUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Bank of England MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)55 artworks
Barts and The London School of Medicine and DentistryUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)United Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Ben Uri GalleryUnited Kingdom (London)33 artworks
Same record as The London Jewish Museum of Art
Birkbeck, University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Bridgeman Art LibraryUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
British AcademyUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
British Dental Association Dental MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
British MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)359 artworks
Bruce Castle MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)32 artworks
Burgh House & Hampstead MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Camden Local Studies and Archives CentreUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Carlyle's House - National TrustUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Charles Dickens MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Charlton HouseUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Chelsea and Westminster Health CharityUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Chelsea and Westminster HospitalUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Chelsea LibraryUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Chiswick House and Gardens (English Heritage) - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
Chiswick LibraryUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Chiswick Town HallUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Christ's Hospital FoundationUnited Kingdom (London)33 artworks
City of Westminster Archives CentreUnited Kingdom (London)25 artworks
Same record as City of Westminster Archives Centre
Commonwealth SecretariatUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Cuming MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Cutty SarkUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
De Morgan Centre - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)41 artworks
Department for Culture, Media & SportUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Department for Environment Food & Rural AffairsUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Department for Work & PensionsUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Department of HealthUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Destroyed by fire (London)United Kingdom1 artworks
Dr Johnson's HouseUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Dulwich Picture Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)234 artworks
Ealing Central LibraryUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Eltham Palace (English Heritage) - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
English Folk Dance and Song SocietyUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)7 artworks
Fenton House - National TrustUnited Kingdom (London)27 artworks
Fine Art SocietyEngland (London)16 artworks
Fishmonger's Hall, LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Fleming Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)120 artworks
Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
Freud MuseumEngland (London)1 artworks
Fulham PalaceUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Fulham Public LibraryEngland (London)1 artworks
Garden MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Garrick ClubUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Geffrye Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)16 artworks
Goldsmiths, University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Goodenough CollegeUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Government Art Collection - UKUnited Kingdom (London)551 artworks
Greenwich Heritage CentreUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Guardian News & Media ArchiveUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Guildhall Art Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)350 artworks
Gunnersbury Park MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Guy's and St Thomas' CharityUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Hackney Museum (Chalmers Bequest)United Kingdom (London)8 artworks
Hammersmith and Fulham Archives and Local History CentreUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Same record as Hammersmith and Fulham Archives and Local History Centre
HM Revenue and CustomsUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
HM TreasuryUnited Kingdom (London)8 artworks
Home OfficeUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Horniman Museum & GardensUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Imperial War MuseumsUnited Kingdom (London)683 artworks
Institute of PhysicsUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Institution of Mechanical EngineersUnited Kingdom (London)7 artworks
Islington Local History Centre and MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
John Wesley’s House & The Museum of MethodismUnited Kingdom (London)10 artworks
Kensington Central LibraryUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
Kensington Town HallUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Kenwood House (Iveagh Bequest) - English HeritageUnited Kingdom (London)103 artworks
King's College LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Lambeth ArchivesUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Lambeth PalaceEngland (London)21 artworks
Lambeth Town HallUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Lancaster HouseUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
Leighton House MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)79 artworks
Same record as Leighton House Museum and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Culture Service - Leighton House Museum
Local Studies and Archives - BarnetUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
London Borough of Camden, Town Hall ExtensionUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
London South Bank University (Sarah Rose Collection - A David Bomberg Legacy)United Kingdom (London)22 artworks
London Transport MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Lyman Allen Art MuseumUnited States (New London. Connecticut)17 artworks
Maas GalleryEngland (London)4 artworks
Marble Hill House (English Heritage) - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)19 artworks
Mark Masons' HallUnited Kingdom (London)0 artworks
Middlesex Guildhall Art CollectionUnited Kingdom (London)9 artworks
Ministry of Defence Art Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)27 artworks
Ministry of JusticeUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Moorfields Eye HospitalUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Museum London - OntarioCanada (London, Ontario)3 artworks
Museum of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)89 artworks
Museum of the Order of St John - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)22 artworks
National Army Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)108 artworks
National Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1659 artworks
National Maritime Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (Greenwich)1510 artworks
National Portrait Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1115 artworks
Natural History Museum - Paintings CollectionUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Northern Ireland Office, UK GovernmentUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Orleans House GalleryUnited Kingdom (Richmond-upon-Thames - Greater London)46 artworks
Osterley Park and House - National TrustUnited Kingdom (London)14 artworks
Palace of WestminsterUnited Kingdom (London)34 artworks
Parliamentary Art Collection (Palace of Westminster)United Kingdom (London)95 artworks
Queen Mary's HospitalUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Queen Mary University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
RADA: Royal Academy of Dramatic ArtUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House) - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)381 artworks
Royal Academy of MusicUnited Kingdom (London)21 artworks
Royal Air Force MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)45 artworks
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and IrelandUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Royal Collection Trust - Kensington PalaceUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Royal Collection Trust (location uncertain)United Kingdom (London)60 artworks
Royal Collection Trust - Marlborough HouseUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Royal Collection Trust (UK) - Buckingham PalaceUnited Kingdom (London)323 artworks
Royal Collection Trust (UK) - St James's PalaceUnited Kingdom (London)13 artworks
Royal Collection Trust (UK) - Windsor CastleUnited Kingdom (London)315 artworks
Royal College of AnaesthetistsUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Royal College of ArtUnited Kingdom (London)9 artworks
Royal College of MusicUnited Kingdom (London)23 artworks
Royal College of Obstetricians and GynaecologistsUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Same record as Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Physicians of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)44 artworks
Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandEngland (London)42 artworks
Royal College of Veterinary SurgeonsUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Royal Courts of JusticeUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Royal Free HospitalUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
Royal Geographical SocietyUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Royal Holloway, University of LondonUnited Kingdom (Egham, Greater London)52 artworks
Royal Hospital ChelseaUnited Kingdom (London)16 artworks
Royal Institute of British ArchitectsUnited Kingdom (London)32 artworks
Royal London Hospital for Integrated MedicineUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Royal London Hospital MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)9 artworks
Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyUnited Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (UK)United Kingdom (London)6 artworks
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (UK)United Kingdom (London)20 artworks
Royal Society of ArtsUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
Royal Society Of Musicians Of Great BritainUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Royal Veterinary CollegeUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Royal Watercolor SocietyUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Roy Miles galleryEngland (London)2 artworks
Science MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)36 artworks
Scotland OfficeUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
Sir John Soane's Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)32 artworks
Slade School of Fine Art, University College LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Snaresbrook Crown CourtUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
SOAS, University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies)United Kingdom (Soues)1 artworks
Society of Antiquaries of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)11 artworks
Sotheby'sEngland (London)1 artworks
Southbank CentreUnited Kingdom (London)16 artworks
Southwark Art Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom52 artworks
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum and ArchiveUnited Kingdom (London)14 artworks
St George's, University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS TrustUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
Stoke Newington Town HallUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
St Paul's Cathedral - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)10 artworks
Supreme Court of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom (London)7 artworks
Sutton House - National TrustUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Tate Britain - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)2872 artworks
Tate Modern - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)352 artworks
TBAUnited Kingdom (London)0 artworks
The Borough Road Gallery, A David Bomberg Legacy, The Sarah Rose CollectionUnited Kingdom (London)0 artworks
British Council CollectionUnited Kingdom (London)39 artworks
The British Library - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)117 artworks
The British Postal Museum & ArchiveUnited Kingdom (London)8 artworks
Same record as The British Postal Museum & Archive
The Brunel MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
The College of OptometristsUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
The College of Psychic StudiesUnited Kingdom (London)7 artworks
The Courtauld Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)306 artworks
The Foundling MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)45 artworks
The Fusilier Museum LondonUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks
The Hill HouseUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
The Library and Museum of FreemasonryUnited Kingdom (London)23 artworks
The Linnean Society of LondonUnited Kingdom (Burlington House Piccadilly)2 artworks
The Royal InstitutionUnited Kingdom (London)2 artworks
The Royal Society - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)51 artworks
The Royal Society of MedicineUnited Kingdom (London)8 artworks
Tower of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
UCL Art Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)86 artworks
University College London Hospitals (UCLH Arts)United Kingdom (London)5 artworks
UCL Institute of OphthalmologyUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
University College London Art MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)3 artworks
University of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)15 artworks
University of RoehamptonUnited Kingdom (London)4 artworks
University of WestminsterUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
V&A Museum of ChildhoodUnited Kingdom (London)0 artworks
Vestry House MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)1 artworks
Victoria and Albert Museum - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)1043 artworks
Wallace Collection - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)487 artworks
Wandsworth MuseumUnited Kingdom (London)8 artworks
Wellcome Library (Wellcome Trust)United Kingdom (London)100 artworks
Wellington Collection at Apsley House (English Heritage) - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)113 artworks
Same record as Apsley House (Wellington Museum)
William Morris Gallery - LondonUnited Kingdom (London)70 artworks
Zoological Society of LondonUnited Kingdom (London)5 artworks