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Detail Special Name
 Hans von Aachen (German painter, 1552-1615)
 Tomma Abts (German painter)
 Andreas Achenbach (German painter, 1815-1910)
 Oswald Achenbach (German painter, 1837-1905)
 Max Ackermann (German painter)
 Albrecht Adam (German painter, 1786-1824)
 Emil Adam (German painter)
 Julius Adam (German painter, 1852-1913)
 Karl Adloff (German painter)
 Joseph Anton Adolphe (German painter)
 Max Emanuel Ainmiller (German painter, 1807-1870)
 Josef Albers (German painter)
 Hermann Albert (German painter)
 Christian Wilhelm Allers (German painter)
 Albrecht Altdorfer (German painter, 1480-1538)
 Erhard Altdorfer (German painter)
 Gerhard Altenbourg (German painter)
 Horst Altermann (German painter)
 Christoph Amberger (German painter)
 Rudolf AndrĂ© (German painter)
 Horst Antes (German painter)
 Otto Antoine , aka The painter of Berlin (German painter, 1865-1951)
 Edward Everard Arnold (German painter, 1816-1866)
 Frank Auerbach (German painter)