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Detail Special Name
 Eugene Lawrent Vail (French painter, 1857-1934)
 Suzanne Valadon (French painter, 1865-1938)
 Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (French painter, 1750-1819)
 Anne Vallayer-Coster (French painter)
 Ludovic Vallee (French painter)
 Jacques-Antoine Vallin (French painter, 1850-1933)
 Georges Valmier (French painter, 1885-1937)
 Louis Valtat (French painter, 1869-1952)
 Abraham-Louis Van Loo (French painter)
 Carle Van Loo , aka Charles-André van Loo (French painter)
 César Van Loo (French painter)
 Charles-Amédée-Philippe Van Loo (French painter, 1861-1944)
 François Van Loo (French painter)
 Jean Van Loo (French painter)
 Jean-Baptiste Van Loo (French painter)
 Louis-Michel Van Loo (French painter)
 Jean Baptiste Vanmour (French painter)
 Jean-Joseph Vaudechamp (French painter, 1790-1866)
 Pierre Louis Leger Vauthier (French painter, 1845-1916)
 Anatole Vely (French painter, 1838-1882)
 Louis Mathieu Verdilhan (French painter, 1875-1928)
 Claude-Joseph Vernet (French painter, 1714-1789)
 Horace Vernet , aka Émile Jean-Horace Vernet (French painter, 1789-1863)
 Alexandre-Rene Vernon (French painter, 1826-1897)
 Emile Vernon (French painter, 1872-1919)
 Alexandre-René Veron (French painter, 1826-1897)
 Jules Jacques Veyrassat (French painter, 1808-1893)
 Jehan-Georges Vibert (French painter, 1840-1902)
 Joseph Marie Vien (French painter)
 Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (French painter)
 Claude Vignon (French painter)
 Victor Vignon (French painter, 1847-1909)
 Emile Villa (French painter)
 Jenny Villebesseyx (French painter, 1854-?)
 Jacques Villon (French painter, 1875-1963)
 Francois-Andre Vincent (French painter)
 Auguste Jean Baptiste Vinchon (French painter)
 Maurice de Vlaminck (French painter, 1876-1958)
 Nicolas Vleughels (French painter)
 Paul Vogler (French painter)
 Andre Charles Voillemot (French painter, 1823-1893)
 Leon Joseph Voirin (French painter, 1833-1887)
 Guillaume Voiriot (French painter)
 Pierre Volaire (French painter)
 Antoine Vollon (French painter, 1833-1900)
 Simon Vouet (French painter, 1590-1649)
 Edouard Vuillard (French painter, 1868-1940)