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Detail Special Name
 François Germain Léopold Tabar (French painter)
 Yves Tanguy (French painter)
 Henri Adrien Tanoux (French painter, 1865-1923)
 Guillaume Thomas Taraval (French painter)
 Hugues Taraval (French painter)
 Jean Gustave Taraval (French painter)
 Louis-Gustave Taraval (French painter)
 Jean-Charles Tardieu , aka Tardieu-Cochin (French painter)
 Victor Tardieu (French painter)
 Octave Tassaert (French painter, 1800-1874)
 Nicolas-Antoine Taunay (French painter)
 TBA, TBA (French painter)
 Clovis-Frederick Terraire (French painter)
 Henri Testelin (French painter)
  Al. Thevenin (French painter)
 Raymond Thibesart (French painter)
 Jean Thierry the Younger (French sculptor)
 Charles Victor Thirion (French painter, 1833-1878)
 Eugène Romain Thirion (French painter)
 Daniel Timmers (French painter)
 James Tissot (French painter, 1836-1902)
 Felix Elie Tobeen (French painter)
 Louis Tocqué (French painter)
 François Topino-Lebrun (French painter)
 Edouard Toudouze (French painter)
 Auguste Toulmouche (French painter, 1829-1890)
 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French painter, 1864-1901)
 Leon Etienne Tournes (French painter)
 Nicolas Tournier (French painter)
 Armand Toussaint (French painter, 1806-1862)
 Jules Trayer (French painter, 1824-1908)
 Pierre Charles Trémolières (French painter)
 Georges Tribout (French painter, 1884-1962)
 Louis de Trinquesse (French painter)
 Alfred Tripet (French painter)
 Jules Triquet (French painter)
 Hector Trotin (French painter)
 Paul-Désiré Trouillebert (French painter, 1829-1900)
 Jean-François de Troy (French painter)
 Constant Troyon (French painter, 1810-1865)
 Lancelot-Theodore Turpin de Crisse (French painter, 1782-1859)