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Detail Special Name
 Antoine François Saint-Aubert (French painter)
 Gabriel-Jacques de Saint-Aubin (French painter)
 Henri de Saint-Delis (French painter)
 Simon Saint-Jean (French painter, 1808-1860)
 Jean-Baptiste Santerre (French painter)
 Louise-Josephine Sarazin de Belmont (French painter, 1790-1870)
 Adrien-Jacques Sauzay (French painter, 1841-1928)
 Emile Savitry (French painter)
 Jules Scalbert (French painter)
 Paul Schaan (French painter)
 Jean-Frédéric Schall (French painter, 1866-1924)
 Ary Scheffer (French painter)
 Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger (French painter, 1814-1893)
 Jean-Victor Schnetz (French painter)
 Henri-Frédéric Schopin (French painter)
 Charles-Baptiste Schreiber (French painter)
 Claude-Emil Schuffenecker (French painter, 1851-1934)
 René-Paul Schutzenberger (French painter)
 Gaston Sebire (French painter)
 Armand Seguin (French painter, 1869-1903)
 Guillaume Seignac (French painter, 1870-1924)
 Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange (French painter)
 Alexandre Séon (French painter, 1855-1917)
 Paul Sérusier (French painter, 1863-1927)
 Georges Seurat (French painter, 1859-1891)
 René Seyssaud (French painter, 1867-1952)
 Paul Sieffert (French painter, 1874-1957)
 Paul Signac (French painter, 1863-1935)
 Émile Signol (French painter)
 José Silbert (French painter)
 Lucien Simon (French painter)
 Jean-Paul Sinibaldi (French painter, 1857-1909)
 Alfred Sisley (French painter, 1839-1899)
 Elisabeth Sonrel (French painter)
 Charles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix (French painter, 1825-1879)
 Louis Emmanuel Soulange-Teissier (French painter)
 Jean Souverbie (French painter)
 Georges Stein (French painter, 1855-1930)
 Adolphe-Charles-Édouard Steinheil (French painter)
 Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen (French painter, 1859-1923)
 Jacques Stella (French painter)
 Baron Charles Steuben , aka Carl von Steuben (French painter)
 Pierre Subleyras (French painter)
 Gustave Surand (French painter)
 Paul Surtel (French painter)
 Leopold Survage (French painter, 1879-1968)
 Bernard Edouard Swebach (French painter)