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Detail Special Name
 Elisée Maclet (French painter)
 Gustave Madelain (French painter)
 Paul Madeline (French painter, 1863-1920)
 Jules Édouard Magy (French painter)
 Albert Pierre Rene Maignan (French painter, 1845-1908)
 Fernand Maillaud (French painter)
 Aristide Maillol (French painter)
 Gustave Maincent (French painter, 1850-1887)
 Louis Maistre (French painter)
 Jacques Majorelle (French painter)
 Charles Malfroy (French painter)
 Henry Malfroy (French painter)
 Édouard Manet (French painter, 1832-1883)
 Henri Manguin (French painter, 1874-1949)
 Victor Marais-Milton (French painter, 1872-1948)
 Jean-Hyppolyte Marchand (French painter)
 André Mare (French painter)
 Prosper-Georges-Antoine Marilhat (French painter)
 Simon Marmion (French painter, 1858-1921)
 Albert Marquet (French painter, 1875-1947)
 Edouard-Antoine Marsal (French painter, 1845-1929)
 Reginald Marsh (French painter, 1898-1954)
 Camille Martin (French painter)
 Jac Martin-Ferrieres (French painter)
 Henri Martin (French painter, 1860-1943)
 Jean-Baptiste Martin (French painter)
 Andre Masson (French painter, 1896-1987)
 Master Honoré (French painter)
 Master of the Cité des Dames (French painter)
 Paul Mathey (French painter)
 Paul Mathieu (French painter)
 Henri Matisse (French painter, 1869-1954)
 Maxime Maufra (French painter, 1861-1918)
 Henri Mauperché (French painter, 1811-1888)
 Charles Maurin (French painter, 1856-1914)
 Edgard Maxence (French painter, 1871-1954)
 Constant Mayer (French painter, 1829-1911)
 Jules Ferdinand Médard (French painter)
 Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier (French painter, 1815-1891)
 Louise Mercier (French painter, 1879-1907)
 Léonor Mérimée (French painter)
 Hugues Merle (French painter, 1823-1881)
 Daniel Merlin (French painter)
 Jean-Charles Messonier (French painter, 1848-1917)
 Jean Metzinger (French painter, 1883-1956)
 Charles Meynier (French painter)
 Achille-Etna Michallon (French painter, 1786-1822)
 Georges Michel (French painter, 1763-1843)
 Nicolas Mignard (French painter)
 Pierre Mignard , aka Le Romain (French painter)
 Iphigenie Milet-Mureau (French painter, 1780-?)
 Jean-Baptiste Millet (French painter)
 Jean-Charles Millet (French painter)
 Jean-François Millet (French painter, 1814-1875)
 Antoine-Guillaume Minartz (French painter)
 Louise Moillon (French painter)
 Jean Ferdinand Monchablon (French painter, 1855-1904)
 Claude Oscar Monet (French painter, 1840-1926)
 Charles Monginot (French painter, 1825-1900)
 Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (French painter)
 Pierre-Eugène Montézin (French painter, 1874-1946)
 Adolphe-Joseph-Thomas Monticelli (French painter, 1824-1886)
 Adrien Moreau (French painter, 1843-1906)
 Gustave Moreau (French painter, 1826-1898)
 Antoine Leon Morel-Fatio (French painter, 1810-1871)
 Henri Moret (French painter, 1856-1913)
 Jacques le Moyne de Morgues (French painter)
 Berthe Morisot (French painter, 1841-1895)
 François Henri Morisset (French painter)
 Aime-Nicolas Morot (French painter, 1850-1913)
 Joseph Morviller (French painter, 1800-1880)
 Jean Laurent Mosnier (French painter)
 Gustave Adolphe Mossa (French painter, 1883-1971)
 Henri-Paul Motte (French painter)
 Victor Louis Mottez (French painter)
 Louis Moullin (French painter, 1817-1876)
 Jules-Alexis Muenier (French painter)
 Emile Munier (French painter, 1840-1895)
 Euphemie Muraton (French painter, 1840-1914)